Economical Environmentalist

This book  is aimed at anyone interested in reducing their emissions of greenhouse gases.

The economy is imploding: it’s impossible for first time buyers to get on the housing ladder, jobs are vanishing faster than high street banks and the price of home heating and organic muesli has shot up. These are some of the challenges facing people struggling to reduce their carbon emissions in an economic down-turn. But saving the planet doesn’t have to cost the world and nor do tough economic times need to relegate concerns for the planet to the back burner.
In this book, Prashant Vaze, an environmental economist distils and builds on his experience of trying to live a low carbon life in London. In doing so he helps navigate the choices that confront us all when making decisions about what to eat, how to travel and how to keep warm in the era of climate change and economic turmoil. The book is an irreverent but rigorous reference guide to low-cost, low-carbon living for everyone in tough times.

2 Responses to Economical Environmentalist

  1. VS

    Hi Prashant,
    Would you be interested to talk at a small gathering on the subject of your book The Economical Environmentalist, in Europe in May 2016?
    Providing you might be in Europe at that time by any chance? 🙂
    Many thanks,

    • admin

      Hi Vesna
      Sorry no plans to be in Europe in May. I’m visiting briefly over Christmas and then back in Hong Kong. Where are you based? Prashant

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