The Rising Tide

Aria Lovelace, 15-year old part-time hacker and super-smart student lives with her family and passive-aggressive computer. When a tidal wave, brought on by climate change devestates her village, she is seperated from the rest of her family. While reconnecting with her family she has to cotend with robots, drones, AIs and a queue of people with scores to settle with her family.        



Repowering Communities

Co-authored with the late Stephen Tindale. This book looks at the policies that have helped decentralised energy and renewable electricity develop in Europe, US and Canada. Features extensive data and interview from Germany, Netherlands, Copenhagen, California, Sacramento, Vermont and Toronto.


The Economical Environmentalist

A diary come spreadsheet analysis of my efforts to halve my greenhouse gas emissions through modifying my diet, insulating my home, changing my transport and holidaying less. It's also the year I got married and honey-mooned within the M25.