Book Reviews

Here are some book reviews I have written

Nutmeg’s Curse” by Amitav Ghosh non-fiction book charting the history of natural resource abuse by capitalist societies. Book ranges over Dutch East India Company to 20th century fascists. Written for Green House Think Tank.

The Ministry for the Future” by Kim Stanley Robinson. Entertaining sci-fi novel about a UN Agency that uses CIA tactics to combat climate change. The first scene of heatwave afflicting Indian is close to reality. Written for Green House Think Tank.

“Post Growth – Life After Capitalism” by Tim Jackson. My review of Tim Jackson’s fascinating accounts of different expressions of post-growth lives we may emulate. The book is populated by the artists, writers, monks and others who have inspired Professor Jackson. Written for Green House Think Tank.

“Flourish – Design for Life” by Sarah Ichioka and Michael Pawlyn Written for the Ecologist / Resurgence

“Energy Policy” by Asian Development Bank. The development bank’s update of its energy policy that will guide its lending for the energy transition. Written for China Dialogue.