This is Prashant’s website.  It’s got my blog, details about my two books. It’ll feature material from other writing projects, when I finally write them.

I am interested in environmental issues, consumer affairs, economics and various geeky things like data and programming.  I  live in Hong Kong and am currently learning and soon forgetting Mandarin.

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  1. Mohan

    Hi Prashant,

    Hearty congratulations. I have been reading you letters, but due to pure laziness couldn’t respond.
    My assignment in Leiden is over and last sunday i came back to Vadodara.
    Hope things are fine at your end.

    Kind regards


  2. Roy de Souza

    Nice website and photo

  3. Well done on setting up a blog, Prashant. I look forward to keeping up with your news.

  4. Robert Gibson

    Great to have you and Maya helping Hong Kong.
    Let me know when you made it to the top of Sharp Peak.

  5. Pratibha Kshirsagar

    Good website and easy to access. is Satish going to be your first visitor? Ask him to write his experience thru teenagers eye

  6. Asha Vaze

    Good and easy blog. Now all your experiences will be together.

  7. Hi Prashant and Maya,
    Well done – looks good. My 2 questions on your blog – if only to prove how carefully I’ve read it. Why don’t you take the lovely walk to work? Walking makes you fit too. And why did one office block have no floor 15 – what’s unlucky about that?
    HK Electricity Market Reform sounds fascinating. Interesting that they got a Brit to do that. Maybe they think you know lots of lessons of how not to do it…

    • Prashant

      No idea why some floors go missing in the high rise buildings. I think it’s lack of buyers for the lower floors sometimes (as they’ve already sold the penthouses). Interestingly Alistair Buchanan ex-Ofgem came over to lecture about how not to do it last month with one of the electricity companies footing his plane fare.

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